2018 FIFA U-20 WWC Qualifiers: All 2nd-round qualifiers emerge

Following the completion of the second-leg, first-round matches, all the eight teams to the second round of the African qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup have emerged.

They are Burundi, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya.

Here’s how they qualified from the first-round, two-leg matches:

Burundi walked over Rwanda.

South Africa beat Namibia – 1st leg 5–0, 2nd leg 4–0, to qualify on 9-0 goals aggregate Morocco beat Senegal – 1st leg 2–0, 2nd leg 1–2, to qualify on 3–2 aggregate Nigeria beat Tanzania – 1st leg 3–0, 2nd leg 6–0, to qualify on 9–0 aggregate Sierra Leone walked over Tunisia Cameroon walked over Guinea, which withdrew before the 2nd leg after losing the 1st leg 9-0 at home. Ghana beat Algeria – 1st leg 5-0, 2nd leg 5-0, to qualify on 10-0 aggregate Kenya beat Ethiopia – 1st leg 2-2, 2nd leg 2-1, to qualify on 4-3 aggregate

Here are the second-round fixtures, with first-named teams hosting the first leg:

Burundi vs South Africa – 1st leg 3–5 November, 2nd leg 17–19 November Morocco vs Nigeria – 1st leg 3–5 November. 2nd leg 17–19 November Sierra Leone vs Cameroon – 1st leg 3–5 November, 2nd leg 17–19 November Ghana vs Kenya – 1st leg 3–5 November, 2nd leg 17–19 November.

Note: Winner of the second round qualify for the third round from which Africa’s two representatives at the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in France will emerge.