A ‘United States of Europe’?

Although, David Cameron claim that Britain will not become part of a ‘United States of Europe,’ a leaked document has revealed that leading EU politicians did in fact call for the creation of a ‘federal union of states.’

The Times report said the document signed last September in Rome by the speakers of the national parliaments of France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg, show that ‘concrete proposals’ to deepen EU integration will be drawn up at a meeting this month (June).

The declaration disclosed that deeper integration ‘should not be limited to the field of economic and fiscal matters’ alone.

‘New impetus must be given to European integration. ‘More, not less, Europe is needed to respond to the challenges we face which should include social, cultural affairs, foreign, security as well as defence policy,’ it revealed.

Chris Grayling, leader of the Commons, who was sent the document, told The Times that the declaration represented ‘serious plans for a political union.’

A spokeswoman for the European Commission denied the existence of such document.