Advertising in The African Bulletin

The business of advertising is an important decision-making process for any business. Leveraging your expenditures in advertising, product, employee and tax cost is a constant balancing act. And of course the bottom line of returning a profit each year is vital.

We understand these difficult decisions and that’s the reason why we would personally like to recommend that you consider The African Bulletin as your key to reaching the African community. We are sure you are aware of the benefits of niche marketing – reaching a specific target population. The African Bulletin is a true vehicle for reaching this particular populace through niche marketing.

The African Bulletin is a foremost African newspaper with offices in the Netherlands and Spain. We service the growing black community with unlimited readership. Our goal at The African Bulletin is to assist businesses like yours to increase their profit margins using niche marketing. Advertising with The African Bulletin will promote you and your business, your products or services to people who can well afford to purchase from you. Don’t miss an opportunity to target your advertising message. Let us help you reach this powerful market at a reduced cost.

We look forward to working and growing with you and your business. Please feel free to e-mail us with questions or comments.

Best Wishes,
The African Bulletin

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Technical Specs for Artwork:

Full page: 263 mm x 385 mm
Half page: 262mm x 189mm
Quarter page: 126mm x 189mm
One-eight page: 126mm x 90mm

Note: We accept artworks in .pdf, eps, jpg formats