Be warned! Fraudster contacting migrants

It has come to the notice of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation (IND) Service that few dozens of migrants have been contacted  in the last couple of months on the telephone by fraudsters.

The callers who are suspected to be criminals pose as employees of IND and have tried to extort money or some personal data from the migrants.

Migrants were informed that there’s a problem with their residence permit and must pay certain amount to rectify the problem. Failure to pay, they said, would result in deportation from the Netherlands.

The fraudsters are reported to be in possession of critical information such as passport numbers. IND said that it would work with the police to find out how the criminals got hold of migrants personal data.

In a report by the Volkskrant, at least three migrants have so far reported the suspicious calls, which have been determined to be fraudulent, to the IND. As at the time of this report, it was not certain how many migrants have so far been contacted, since not everyone reported to the authorities. The calls are however deemed to be quite high.