Belgium releases €4m for natural disasters in Great Lakes Region

Belgium is to release 4.1 million Euros for the prevention of natural disasters in the Great Lakes Region in Africa, according to a recent communiqué issued by the Belgian Minister of Development, Alexander De Croo.

The communiqué said that the funds, which will be managed by the Red Cross of Flandre, a Belgian federated entity, will assist at least 60 million people in cases of natural disasters affecting Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.

It said that the funds will also enable the Red Cross of Flandre to acquire ambulances, shelters, stretchers and other rescue materials and help store them safely on a site not far from disasters in a bid to take assistance to victims very fast.

The funds will also help train staff on first aid and supply potable water in case of disaster.

The populations in the Great Lakes Region will be sensitized to prepare for any disaster that can happen.

Over the past ten years, natural disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and other disasters) in the Great Lakes region have affected 12 million people and left 2,000 victims.