Botswana biker ready for Dakar Rally 2017

Botswana s first biker to qualify for the Dakar Rally 2017 has put out a begging bowl appealing to the nation to support his participation in the competition.

Vincent Crosbie, 26, said the competition will enable him to fly high the country s flag in sport.

I have made it my aim to make my country proud by being the first Motswana to go to Dakar.

It is a chance to represent my country, family, friends and sponsors at the highest level of motorsport in the world, said Crosbie.

The Dakar Rally is the most extreme off road endurance race that consists of 14 days of racing and close to 10,000 kilometers in distance.

Crosbie is confident he will endure the terrain which is anything from off-road tracks, dunes, rocks, and mountain passes. The race is known for testing the endurance of man and machine to the extreme with not only the terrain but the navigation as well.

Throughout the 14 days there are no GPS’s allowed, all navigation is done via a road book. All of these elements make it the toughest and longest off-road event in the world. Just to be able to finish is an achievement. It will test my mind, body and soul.

Crosbie has already resorted to crowdfunding platform – – to raise over 15,000.00 Euros to cover expenses such as entry fee, flights, accommodation and rally bike rental, among others.