Church turns into pub after Holy Mass

Yes, it’s true, a church turns into pub after its normal weekly holy mass service and attendees get to enjoy a few beers inside the church.

The church is in Brielen, a small town in Belgium, and it converts into a pub so that the parishioners can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with one another.

According to local residents, they were forced to do so after the last cafe closed its doors due to strict rules which permit drinking only until 1pm and music is forbidden.

At the church, the drinks are cheap, US$1 for a coffee or beer. Many of the locals have said that the chance to drink beer in the church has greatly helped to increase their church attendance.

Even though alcohol for many people who believe in God is considered the devil’s drink, these church-goers profess that it keeps them happy and hopefully bring them closer to God.

Before the strict rules in the town, church goers used to get together every Sunday after mass for a cold glass of beer. Until the church initiative, they were forced to travel to neighboring villages to have their normal drink.

Within the beer rules in town, the local priest saw an opportunity to do something good for his flock and attract even more people to the church. After asking the permission of local authorities, the priest announced that every Sunday, after mass, congregates were more than welcome to use the church as a bar and drink as much beer as they like. He even had an actual bar set up in the church.

The only rule set by the priest is that you have to attend the mass in order to be allowed into the bar. It helps the church better fulfill its purpose of bringing people closer to religion, and people get their bar experience back.