Crocodile dragged teenager from camping tent

A 19-year-old was recently dragged out of his tent while camping near the edge of a river in Australia with his family.

The teenager however survived the attack by kicking the crocodile in the face with his other foot while being dragged by the leg towards the water. It was around 4.30 a.m. when the reptile sneaked on him for a meal that was never to be.

The boy and his family had been fishing and pitched up around 15 metres from the river.

He was rushed to the hospital where the puncture wound in the foot was treated. The authorities described the boy as ‘lucky’ and put him on a drip to prevent bacterial infections.

Australia launched an awareness campaign about croc attacks last year, warning people to avoid water holes and rivers where they risked attack by crocodiles.

There have been several fatal crocodile attacks in recent years: Bill Scott, 62, was killed by a crocodile which dragged him out of his boat in 2014 while his family watched; Lanh Van Tran, 57, waded into the river to release his fishing line, and his wife watched helplessly as a crocodile grab him; a 12-year-old boy was eaten by a crocodile in Kakadu national park last year; and a 68-year-old women was mauled by a crocodile in January this year. She survived, but her hand and forearm were found in the crocodile’s stomach.