Dreamt of Africa

I bleed inside,
To hear people come here,
To rob you in day light – they do,
Squeeze the juicy out of you,
You, helplessly watch your precious stones vanish,
Your vanity vanishes at their long hands, insatiable mouths.

They take without care,
Caring for their turgid bellies, do them,
Fruit-barren they return again and again.

But this day I will remember,
The day of my dream for you my friend,
You had your own deterring muscles in the dream,
Your resources you refined in rivalry absence,
In criticism absence, you were your own Orion,
In their looting absence, you were the Goliath,
Relishing on your fruit seemed real, and it will be,
Your success lofting to greater heights – saw I.

How come I woke up before my dream-end?
I will sleep to continue – but don’t sleep with me Africa,
Keep awake, fight your success, fight!
Fight the weeds to win!
You are no different to any!