Dutch council goes for ‘gender neutral’ toilets

The city of Utrecht has become the first in The Netherlands to introduce gender neutral toilets throughout council-owned buildings.

The reason is to make transsexuals feel more comfortable on which toilets to use and remove discussion with other users.

Gay and transgender rights lobby group COC has been campaigning for the introduction of gender neutral toilets for some time.

Liberal Democratic Party D66 which raised a motion for the crucial vote said in a statement that, ‘As an open house of democracy in the heart of the city, this is a fine symbolic place to begin with toilets for everyone.’

It is not clear if the town hall will retain some men and women’s toilets for people who feel uncomfortable sharing facilities.

If the switch to unisex toilets is a success in the town hall, the concept will be used in other council buildings.

There are already mixed toilets in Amsterdam and Leiden university college buildings.