Dutch web service for refugees and expats

Dutch web service for refugeesPublic broadcasters in the Netherlands have launched a website for refugees and newcomers in the Netherlands to access on-demand Dutch television programmes and videos.

The new web service is called Net in Nederland (New to the Netherlands), with a selection of Dutch programmes, including the 6pm daily news, subtitled in both English and Arabic. It also offers useful information from the Dutch government and the Red Cross.

According to the National public broadcaster NPO, many refugees have smart-phones or tablets which they can use to gain access to the site to start their integration into the society while still in the refugee centres.

Spokeswoman Bernadette Slotboom: ‘We carefully select the various programmes based on the subjects covered in the Inburgering (Integration) exam. ‘We also have a feedback group of refugees who are journalists, poets, writers and filmmakers who have been in the country for three to 20 years. Jointly, we all made the programme selections.’

Featured programmes on the website include Het Klokhuis – children’s educational show, De Hokjesman – about Dutch subcultures, and Nederland van Boven – about changes in the Dutch land and lifestyle via aerial photography and video.

According to Slotboom, the launch of the service cost €400,000 with additional yearly cost of €300,000 to run. It is said to be financed by the broadcasters and not by the tax payers.