Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the demography of your readers?

A:  Percentage: 70% Africans and 30% non-Africans.
Age group: 5% (below 18 years); 50% (18-35 years);
30% (36-45 years); 10% (46-55 years) and 5% (over 55 years).
Region: 75% (The Netherlands); 15% (Belgium); 5% (Rest of Europe); 5% (Africa).
Social Income – in euro: 10% (Below 15,000); 35% (15,001-30,000); 25% (30,001-40,000); 20% (40,001-50,000);
and 10% (Above 50,000).

Q: Who are the readers of The African Bulletin?

A:  The African Bulletin is a key source of information for Africans such as diplomats, business people, teachers, researchers, blue collar workers, students, tourists etc., including non-Africans who are interested in well thought out ethnic oriented issues and relevant advertisers for quality services and products.

Q:  What about your news coverage?

A:  TAB is a general interest newspaper with articles, commentary/analysis, sports, entertainment, columns and pertinent issues of interest to Africans from around the world.

Q:  How big is your readership potential?

A:  According to CBS, the official government statistics office, there were close to a quarter of a million officially registered Africans in the Netherlands with possible increase due to the growing economic climate.  When you add the potential native Dutch readers and others from various other countries, then we have a huge readership potential out there.

Q: What are your current publication dates?

A: Before the 1st of every month; 12 times a year. For actual dates, see deadline section on this website

Q: When are your advertisement and article deadlines?

A: Advertisement must reach us on or before the 18th of the month preceding the publication month, e.g. 18th of January for February edition etc. For more details, please see the sections on Advertising and Submitting articles.

Q:  Does the newspaper publish in any other language apart from English?

A:  Mainly in English with a French section for our French speaking readers.

Q:  Where can readers find copies of the newspaper?

A:  We use popular African and Toko oriented stores and businesses as part of our distribution strategy.  Copies are also available at several institutions, including bookstores, travel agencies, embassies/consulates, public and school libraries and even prison libraries nationwide. Distributions are equally carried out on select international flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and in churches, mosques, festivals and parties. We continue to promote our attractive subscription programme to all since the newspaper remains FREE; subscribers only pay part of the postage cost.

Q: When did you begin publication and what is the frequency?

A:  The first edition of The African Bulletin was published on 1st August 2002 and it is currently a monthly publication.

Q: Where do you have your offices?

A: The headquarters of Media Blackberry, the publisher of The African Bulletin is in the city of Eindhoven, the fifth biggest city in the Netherlands, home of Philips Electronics and PSV football team.

Q: Why do you make the newspaper available for free?

A: This was born out of the strong concern for our ever-growing readers. We desire that every reader should have access to our publication without the inconvenience of financial consideration. We also intend to bring information about the products of our advertisers to every potential but hitherto un-reached clients. By this, it will greatly increase the performance of their products in the highly competitive market.

Q: How does going free affect the high quality standard of TAB?

A: The fact that TAB is price-free does not, in any way, reduce the well-established standard. In fact, since going free in March 2003, readers have continued to point out that we have greatly improved on the quality, content, and size of the publication.

Q: Does going free affect subscription?

A: No change to subscription charges. Fees only cover part of the postage costs. Subscribers will continue to enjoy the timely and uninterrupted delivery of TAB at their door steps.

Q: How can I get regular copies of TAB?

A: The easiest is through subscription, or you may pick-up a copy at one of our numerous and growing distribution centres nearest you.

Q:  What about Advertisers?

A:  Smart business owners realise the subtle but powerful growing minority market in the countries we reach.  Through strong, efficient and effective logistics, The African Bulletin has consistently been providing a clear-cut channel to reach the large and promising market.

Q:  Do you accept contributions from readers willing to submit articles?

A:  Absolutely.  We strongly encourage it and we do publish them, including letters and comments on pertinent issues.

Q: Why did you change the title-rider of TAB?

A: We changed our title-rider from Newspaper of choice for Africans in the Netherlands to Newspaper from the African Perspective to capture one of our working principles: to present issues and opinions about Africa from the African point of view to everyone – Africans and Europeans alike. Besides, we reach greater number of readers outside of the Netherlands.

Q: How can I inquire about internship or employment opportunities at Media Blackberry, publisher of The African Bulletin?

A: If you are interested in profiting from a career with Media Blackberry, forward your CV and a covering letter to, outlining your area of interest and (if employment) your current remuneration package.