Gambian opposition faults gov’t over treatment of Gambian deportees

The leader and Secretary General of the opposition Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) party has blamed the government for the manner in which Gambians are being deported from the United States and Europe, arguing they fall short of human rights and international laws.

In an interview, Ahmad Mai Fatty, questioned the position of the government when its citizens, who have assets and children in those countries, are deported.

“The issue here is not just deportation,” Fatty argued. “As a sovereign country, Gambia also deports other citizens… as a former Minister of the Interior, I know something about that. It was necessary for me as minister to sign a deportation order, when it was in order and subject to law.”

“We have no qualms with US deporting other citizens. But we have great objections in the manner in which our citizens are kicked out of the US. These are human beings for God’s sake,” Fatty lamented.

He implored the Gambian government to engage the United States on the matter, to make sure that the assets of the repatriated Gambians are carefully accounted for and given to them, so that it can benefit them back in their country.

“They have spent years of their lives – some of them 20 to 30 years – in the US. They have been paying taxes, they have contributed to the US economy.

The United States last week deported over 40 Gambians while the EU is poised to send at least 50 back to Gambia, according to reports.