Help for Single Migrant Mothers

Dear Readers.

With this short article, I want to inform readers about a positive change in the manner immigration law is applied in The Netherlands because of a ruling from the High Court for the European Union.

For whom is this article relevant?

This article is relevant for everyone, residing in The Netherlands, in Europe or outside, who does not have a residence permit for a European country, but who do provides daily care to a child under eighteen years old; the child of which is a Dutch national or has a parent who was at the time of the child’s birth a Dutch national.

What situation I am talking about?

People travel a lot nowadays and meet across continents. That naturally leads to relationship and children will be born. Children usually inherit the nationality of their parents so the child will get the nationality of both mother and father. However not every man that impregnates a woman takes his most basic responsibility by acknowledging the child and financially provide for the upbringing of the child.

So the situation can be that a woman becomes mother of a child of which she knows that the unsupportive father has the nationality from The Netherlands. Those women are now in a better position than ever before to remind the men of their responsibilities.

What can be done?

The women, no matter where they live, can contact a lawyer and ask the lawyer to ask the court to establish the fatherhood of the men. In that procedure, the women must submit relevant information about the identity of the men, that it is credible that the they are the fathers and the women must be willing to undergo DNA-testing to establish the lineage of the child. The procedure is called “gerechtelijke vaststelling vaderschap”, translated as judicial determination of paternity.

How can mother and the child benefit from this procedure?

Not only can the mother claim from the man that he provides financial support in the upbringing of the child, the child also get the nationality of the man. So if the man has the nationality of The Netherlands, the child will become a nationals as well. This means the child can freely travel to and live in The Netherlands. Even it means that the mother accompanies her child and live with the child to enable he or she grow up and enjoy the education in The Netherlands.

From whatever perspective one looks at it, a responsible mother will make all efforts to enable her child to enjoy these benefits.

How can a mother start the necessary procedure?

To start such a procedure one just have to contact the right lawyer who is experienced in such procedures. Therefore, the person concern can send us a fax, a letter or even better, an e-mail.

For those who do not have access to e-mail, you can send a WhatsApp or text-message message to +31631211105. Please do not make a phone-call on this number, just WhatsApp or a text-message.

In your message, make sure to add your contact details and a short explanation of the case. Based on that, we will contact you to see whether the procedure can be beneficial for mother and child.

A call to action!

Do not hesitate to ask for this support because even if you are a single mother without money. It is the mission of my law firm to provide access to the legal system of The Netherlands to all who have a valid reason to seek this access. We will do our best for you even if you are not blessed with substantial financial means. Just make contact and let us see what we can do.

What to do when you want to visit our office?

Readers who are in need of legal support are welcome to visit our office for free consultation. This of course, only after you made an appointment. For an appointment call 070 427 3215 and explain to our Secretary what your question is.

Do not hold information back because our Secretary will decide if and when an appointment is possible and which of our lawyers is best qualified for the specific problem.

When you come to the appointment, bring all information that is available. Only then can we judge the case and do make good use of the time.

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