Help people with Albinism!

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to live with albinism? To stand out in your community and to face discrimination on a daily basis? To be treated disrespectfully, or worse?

In Namibia alone, close to 2000 people face this challenge every single day.

At Albino Care SINASRA, we are doing our utmost to support them – since 2003. Our organisation is run by volunteers and is supported by donations from people who share our dream: helping people with albinism to feel understood and appreciated, and educating the population at large about what it means to live with this condition.

One of our goals is to publish a very special children’s book and to make it available to teachers at every school in Namibia (kindergarten, primary and secondary) – as well as every maternity ward, hospital and library in the country. And, of course, to all parents of children with albinism.

The book, “Moon shining bright” relates the story of a young girl called Moon who has albinism. She is helped to deal with her situation by listening to a captivating story told by a wise old man in her village. The book is beautifully illustrated and is already widely used in other African countries.

Our goal is to print and distribute 5,000 copies of this book throughout Namibia. We now need to raise the money needed to cover the cost of publication: NAD $ 120,000 or € 8,500 – just NAD $ 24 or € 1.70 per book.

Will you help us to fulfill this dream? All donations, large or small, which will help towards the publication of this special book are welcome. And if you decide to donate NAD $ 10.000 / € 700 or more, you or your company will be mentioned in the sponsor page in the book.

Can we count on your support to help us print this book and support people with albinism in Namibia?

Donations are welcome at:

First National Bank, Commercial Suite, Windhoek, Namibia
Branch code: 281-972, Account name: SINASRA, Account number: 62079420875

On behalf of everybody who is committed to a better life for people with albinism, we would like to thank you for your generous gift!