Hundreds of extra Dutch Marechaussee for border security

The government is making 20 million euros structurally available to expand the capacity of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. As a result of this investment, approximately 200 additional Royal Netherlands Marechaussee officers can be deployed for border security at airports and seaports in the coming years.

Minister for Migration Dijkhoff: ‘The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee play an essential role in detecting illegal migration and human trafficking. This additional capacity will reduce pressure on the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee who are currently being subjected to the highest demands’.

According to Minister of Defence Hennis-Plasschaert, this is the next step in reinforcing border security. ‘With these additional resources we are investing in the security of the Netherlands.’

Last year it also announced that an additional 135 Royal Netherlands Marechaussee officers would be deployed on border security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol before the summer of 2017. The investment of 20 million euros allows these additional Royal Netherlands Marechaussee officers to continue to be deployed in the future.

In addition, the capacity can be further expanded with an extra 65 Royal Netherlands Marechaussee officers from 2018.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee officers will mainly be deployed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol but they will be deployed at other airports and seaports too.