Kenneth Ehigiene’s book launch in Amsterdam

On 16 December 2016, Kenneth Ehigiene’s long-awaited book presentation was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The book written in English titled “Foregone Conclusion” and later translated into Dutch “Bij Voorbaat Veroordeeld” were both presented before a group of international audience, consisting of guests from Germany, London, Spain. Norway etc.

Guests of honour which included lawyers and an ex police officer gave short speeches of how they became involved in the case, enlightening the audience about the fatal mistakes of identity in the arrest and incarceration of Mr. Ehigiene. A highlight of the event was when the ex-police officer said “Kenneth’s only crime was being a successful black man in Amsterdam South East.

Kenneth said his ordeal was orchestrated by “Foregone Conclusion” which he defines as “conformity of the majority or many to certain beliefs, assumptions, notions, values or traditions based on a fallacy or a subjective criteria.” This he said led to the Germans, prior to establishing the true identity of their suspect, ordered for his arrest, or the Dutch failing to examine or take a look at his proof of innocence and rushing to a judgment of extradition.

The special guest of the occasion was the renowned crime investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries. He not only wrote the forward of the book, but also wrote an article in the Telegraaf over the case titled “Een Nachtmerrie en geen Excuses.” He also aired two documentaries on the case on his TV programme. Peter R. de Vries recounted how he confronted the spokespersons of the judicial ministry who still insisted that they followed the procedures correctly and thus did not make a mistake. Peter said if there is one such case that is unforgettable and would linger on in his memory, it surely was the case of Kenneth Ehigiene.

Another highlight of the day was when co-author Barbara Gwanmesia showed that she was multi talented by singing some songs from South Africa. With her powerful vocal chords, she brought down the house.

For more facts, read the book – “Foregone Conclusion” or in Dutch “Bij Voorbaat Veroordeeld”.