Mauritius launches first organic farming zone

Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth recently launched the island’s first organic farming zone at Britannia, in the south of the island.

He said the government was committed to support sustainable agricultural development and organic food production for the local market and increase export potential as well as diminish high reliance on chemical inputs.

Mr Jugnauth recalled that for the development of this first organic zone of 66 acres, an amount of MRs 25 million has been allotted under Budget 2016-2017. (US$1=36.8 Mauritian rupees).

He underlined that under the present demanding food crop production systems, planters relied heavily on the use of agrochemicals, particularly pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

“This practice is not environment friendly and is a threat to food quality and safety,” the PM stated, adding that the promotion of sustainable and organic agriculture through innovations and environmentally safe practices would boost the agricultural sector.

He said that the potential of producing organic fruits and vegetables existed in Mauritius and urged the youth to join and develop the sector with the help of new technology.