Mum held her daughter down to be raped

A mum who held her daughter down as her partner raped her has been sentenced to seven years in jail.

The woman had whispered in her daughter’s ear that her partner wished to have sex with her the night before her fifteenth birthday, a court in Queensland heard.

The girl had been sleeping in her mum’s bed when she held her down and her underwear removed.

Judge Michael Shanahan described the mother’s actions as ‘a substantial break of trust from a mother to her daughter.’ He said the pair had threatened the girl to keep quiet about the rape and had traumatised her deeply.

Judge Shanahan told the 36-year-old that he did not see a difference between the offences when it came to holding the girl down or physically raping her.

Both of them were found guilty of two counts of rape each, and sentenced to three years on one count and seven years on the second count to be served concurrently.