My beloved Zimbabwe

Beautiful you are beloved,
With all the bruises, you are brilliant,
Whether economic or political bruises,
You have brushed aside, to remain bold,
To remain honest to your people,
But who is this to haunt you?

His reigns, Cecil Rhodes, loosened long ago,
Who is troubling you now my beloved?
Is it your own people?
Are you no longer offering them your minerals?
Your wildlife are they not enjoying anymore?
The Victoria Falls did you fold back to your armpits?
Who has infested you with this political power greed?

My mouth I will shut not,
Shouting for your freedom is my right,
My voice I will suffocate not today,
Both mandibles I lift high today,
If politicians use bullets to haunt you,
Make coup seem cool, seem like it’s not one,
Buy grandma new clothes and call her a virgin,
I will not be deceived,
If rifle-comrades announce a coup on TV & become ministers,
Army commanders leave barracks for vice presidency,
I will never be deceived!

If gun barrels spare innocent antelopes from lion jaws,
And drive them to the river bank where a crocodile is waiting in ambush,
I will not be deceived,
I won’t offer any smile anymore,
Will I ever cheer to a young crocodile replacing an old lion?
No, No, No, No!
They all belong to the kingdom ‘Animal’
Equally dangerous!

Change is now!
Change your ways you antelopes,
Or nothing will ever change,
Nothing will ever end,
We all have learnt – the son of a lion is a crocodile,
Don’t say I didn’t warn you,
Dying on land or in water (lion or crocodile) is all dying,
Choose life!
Vote right!

*Matthew Wedzerai is a versatile writer and poet. He is also a Copywriter and Editor of the editing company, Spotless Copy – Email: or