News, Out of Africa, come and get it!


African News or News from Africa?
To run is not necessarily to arrive. – Swahili proverb


Apart from ‘African News’ and ‘News from Africa’ as the sub-title of this column reads, there is also ‘News about Africa’. The difference is not just a question of semantics, but more a matter of whose interest is served.

You may remember my column of July this year with the satirical title ‘Africa in the News, really when?’ I complained or even lamented that there was hardly any attention for news about or from Africa. Then it was the USA and North Korea stand-off, which occupied all daily headlines and has all but disappeared from the news and background stories. Now it is all about the murder and disappearance of a journalist, causing top diplomatic skirmishes, veiled threats and more. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tragedy for those closely involved, but on the other hand there are dozens of journalists killed and disappearing in Africa, which do not even get mentioned.

It also reminds me of the graphic description I read, of a British officer recounting how, during Kenya’s independence struggle, he tortured a ‘Mau-Mau’ resistance suspect and then concluded ‘what a pity he hadn’t told us anything when he died’. Whose pity he meant, mind you!

This column encourages you, not to wait for news from or about Africa.
Come and get it from one of the dozen or more sources available, literally at your fingertips on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

New kids on the block, at least on mine …..….
QUARTZ found at
Quartz, as you of course know, is a common mineral, found in almost every environment and has multiple uses, e.g. in watches to keep accurate time.

Here, QUARTZ is a surprising multimedia service providing videos, Daily News Briefs and a Weekly News Brief about Africa, as well featuring global issues.

Subscribe to the weekly Quartz Africa Brief arriving in your mailbox like clockwork on Sunday morning.

Quartzy is about how to live, travel, eat and be well.
There is also Quartz India if that is your take.
The above link gives access to all different features, but for the daily and weekly news briefs, registration is required.

Finally Quartz Obsession is delving deep into all sorts of subjects, e.g. walking or stepping through history, our behavior, history of trends, sell-by dates and Pareidolia – be surprised when you find out what that means.

African Arguments Online | Royal African Society
African Arguments Online is part of the Guardian Africa Network, a network of blogs and websites, offering the best in African news and commentary on events.

Face2Face Africa is a premier pan-African media company based in New York. The company delivers engaging content through its online platform and connects people of African descent through world-class events. The company’s online portal reports on pan-African news and current affairs covering topics such as politics, entertainment, culture, women and lifestyle. Face2Face Africa is notable for its events, such as the annual Pan-African Weekend, the FACE List Awards Gala, the IAAPA Networking Mixer Series and the Pan-African Women Forum.

Face2Face Africais found at
Face2Face Africa was launched in 2011 in New York City by Ghanaian-Americans, Isaac O. Babu-Boateng and Sandra Appiah. Building from their own experiences growing up as African immigrants in the United States, they created the platform to help combat and challenge the negative narrative on Africa and provide a platform for Africans to tell their own stories. In 2011, Isaac O. Babu-Boateng and Sandra Appiah were featured in Forbes “30 Under 30: Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs”.

Face2Face Africa also keeps up with current news, like this headline:

After 36 years in office, Cameroon’s ‘absentee president’ just won another election

Sourcing news out of Africa, mind where you look!
As the above link to news about the recent Cameroon election shows, you need to source news from various sites to get different views.

CSI& Sustainability South Africa –
Although mostly about South Africa, this is a very rich and extensive site, offering all sorts of aspects connecting Business and Sustainability.

Once you are on their site, you can switch to pages on African Regions but also all separate African Countries, as well as a host of topics and subjects.

Their great variety and offering all African countries, makes it a bit difficult to find what you are looking for.

Subjective reporting, political influence, Cameroon elections
Concerning the Cameroon shows the announcement by the USA Department of State:
Source: U.S. Department of State |
Cameroon’s Presidential Election Results
While we welcome the Cameroonian Election Commission’s demonstrable improvement over the 2011 elections, there were a number of irregularities prior to, during, and after the October 7 election.

This is what the Guardian makes of it:
Biya wins again in Cameroon as crackdown disrupts anglophone vote

Telesur TV had this statement:
Cameroon’s election commission and AU observers said the presidential poll was successful, but Reuters reported three people shot dead in the northeast capital of Bamenda.

I could not get any Cameroonian source, possible being blocked?

AfricaNews-online reports about the controversy around opposition candidate Maurice Kamto declaring a win in the Cameroon Elections.

African Newspapers online
Nowadays most newspapers have a hard copy, broadsheet or tabloid, as well as an online version and all available by subscription for both or for a more selective newsletter.

Below are four websites that offer you each a Directory of African Newspapers online, so I invite you to browse through and make your choice of those to book mark or even subscribe to. However, as I discovered myself, your appetite may quickly cause you to load too muchand you find your inbox clogged or too much to read or pay attention to!

African Newspapers – Online Newspapers
A Directory of African Newspapers& News from Africa. For information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people & business. Also accommodation …
Websites of African Newspapers in English Online
16 Jul 2018 …African News Websites in English, South African, Zimbabwe.
African Newspapers – W3Newspapers
A directory of African newspapers for news and information on politics, sports, history, … Africa Media Online is a member of the British Association of Picture …
African Newspapers –
Directory of African newspapers, magazines and news sites in English, sorted by … Daily online newspaper with information on what is going on in the world.


News exits and is made 24/7, whether it reaches you or not. Depending on your settings and interest it reaches you through the access you provide. Sometimes it arrives uncalled for like those annoying advertisements and junk mails, despite the filters you installed.

Nevertheless, if you want to know, you have to open your electronic window to the world and in particular towards Africa.

I do hope my dear readers that this column shows you some niches you were not aware if. Please let me know your reactions!

*Ato Bob is a former Dutch Diplomat who now consults with various NGO’s on African issues. He lives in Rotterdam and may be reached on