Nigeria’s 56th Independence in Amsterdam

nigerias-56th-independenceOn 1st October, Nigerians residing in The Netherlands celebrated their country’s 56th Independence Anniversary in grand style.

The party which took place in Amsterdam was organized by The Nigerian National Association – The Netherlands (NNA-NL).

In her opening speech, the President of the Association, Chief Mrs Evelyn Azih urged the federal government of Nigeria to make strong laws against corruption, create jobs, encourage indigenous manufacturing of goods, and invest more on Agriculture to improve the economy.

Chief Azih said, “…we who are opportune to be abroad can contribute our own quota to helping those in Nigeria. It is not only through remittances, but sharing good ideas and making good investment decisions back home that will go a long way in helping our country. Nigerians have unique characteristics: we are known for our determination and great talent, our former football glory, Nollywood stars, best doctors in the world, our passion and hope.

“We have decided to celebrate our 56th Independence anniversary in order to ignite our communal spirit, our unique approach to beating adversity and our inborn resilient spirit. No matter how difficult things may seem, we will always find our way out of any difficult situation.”

She concluded by urging everyone to have a clear mental picture of the future and a significant improvement on the current state of affairs, which must be supported by a realistic path to its actualization.