Pilot and others arrested for money laundering

Officials at Amsterdam Schiphol airport made some major arrests of money mules carrying €1.5m recently.

According to details released by the public prosecution department, five arrests were made at the airport in June with the biggest one involving a pilot of a Colombian airline who had €475,000 hidden in a secret compartment in his suitcase.

The cash was reported to have been hidden in a specially-made part of the pilot’s uniform. He however said that he was transporting the suitcase for someone else.

The prosecution department said the pilot will appear in court in October.

A Colombian mother and son who had swallowed condoms packed with almost €300,000 were also apprehended at Schiphol airport. Authorities suspect them to be acting as mules for a third party.

Similarly, two women from Lithuania enroute to Ecuador were arrested with €475,000 hidden in shaving cream cans. They were later released from custody but are due to appear in court in September.

Officials investigating money laundering at Schiphol airport made a total haul of nearly €1.5m in cash.