Poetry: Real Soldier

Now that you join the battalion, my son,

If war to you is all about words,

Words matter more than guns to you,

Guns never talk peace to your soul,

Sowing love is your sole goal,

Then, your sanity is not at stake

Neither is everyone else’s;

If your gun barrel is not your mouthpiece,

If you don’t brood or breathe hate,

Your bullet-proof vest you give civilians,

If you stop fighting for your country,

Start fighting for the dying innocent,

Fighting for justice, bullet-less world;

If you can pass love in a hateful world,

If your attire – love-camouflage,

Embroidery of unity, love, peace, tranquillity,

You – statesman for the stateless,

Championing war-free world,

You will be a real soldier – my son!

*Matthew Wedzerai is a versatile writer and poet. He is also a Copywriter and Editor of the editing company, Spotless Copy (www.spotlesscopy.com ), a firm that provides professional copywriting and editing services. Email: wedzeraimatthew@yahoo.co.uk or proof@spotlesscopy.com