Portuguese business delegation in Ghana

A Portuguese business delegation arrived in Ghana, on Wednesday for a three-day visit to explore partnership and business opportunities in the local market.

A Portuguese business delegation was recently in Ghana for a three-day visit to explore partnership and business opportunities there.

The delegation which comprised of entrepreneurs of six companies established contacts with potential sales agents, importers, distributors, and retailers which are expected to be their gateway into Ghanaian markets.

Portuguese business delegation in GhanaThe potential partner company profiles include trucks and rolling material traders/importers, logistics operators and transporters, importers of spare parts and used trucks and transport operators.

In a statement, the group said that Portugal is country of 10 million people with very dynamic economy, and that 23,000 Portuguese companies are engaged in more than 10 million dollars export deals.

It was learnt that the rationale behind the visit was due to the resilience of Ghana’s economy including an impressive GDP.

It also noted that Ghana is an alternative destination to Angola where Portugal had done business for a long time. However, unlike Ghana, which has a diversified economy Angola is concentrated in oil and gas industry and that the prospects for the economy are dwindling.

It concluded that Ghana is better organised and a safe country for investment.