Prominent Kenyan businessman assassinated

A prominent Kenyan business executive and anti-corruption activist, Jacob Juma, was shot dead, several months after he started a campaign to alert the public of a plan to assassinate him over his public stance on high-level corruption in Kenya.

Police said the Nairobi business executive was shot dead in Nairobi around 1900 GMT as he drove home with nothing stolen from him.

The Kenyan official opposition coalition, the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD), called on the government to form a commission of Inquiry into the fatal shooting.

The businessman was behind a series of exposes on the alleged theft of US$2.5 billion raised from a foreign capital market debt venture by the Kenyan government in 2014.

Prominent Kenyan businessmanThe business executive alleged in papers released under his name that key officials in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government had diverted funds from the sovereign bond issue, the Eurobond, to an offshore account after using only US$600 million to pay off pending government foreign debts owed to foreign lenders.