Secret service can hack innocent people

The new law that gives more powers to the Dutch secret service to intercept internet traffic will allow them to hack innocent people, reports the national Volkskrant.

Volkskrant claims that a draft legislation that is yet to be ratified will make it possible for spy officials to hack and gain access to people who share the same server as their target suspects.

It quoted Ministers as saying that the law is crucial because suspects are often well protected against hacking; adding that the new powers will apply only to the secret service, not the police.

Privacy groups have protested the law, but it appears that it will go ahead nonetheless. They warned that it will create ‘unacceptable risks to privacy’.

Ton Siedsma of Bits of Freedom: ‘Those who are completely innocent can suddenly find the secret service gaining access to their data, including their phones, tablets, smart watches, fridges and even cars”.

However, the newspaper noted that Ministers said that the secret services will have to have permission from a special commission before they can gain access to non-suspects internet connections.