Guidelines for submitting articles

Introduction: The African Bulletin is a general interest newspaper published in English with a French section summarising the major items in the newspaper. The newspaper covers happenings from Africa, the Netherlands, Spain, rest of Europe and elsewhere.

Publication/Deadline: The African Bulletin is currently published once a month. Articles must reach our office on or before the 15th of the month.

Payment: Articles submitted to The African Bulletin are published at no-charge to the writer, group or association. The African Bulletin currently does not pay writers for articles submitted.

Submitting Articles: Articles may be submitted in digital format only. Publishing articles submitted is approved by The African Bulletin editorial staff. Articles must be type-written in double line spacing. Writers are encouraged to be concise and straight to the point. Article length should be between 250 – 1,000 words. We also accept fillers: facts, gags illutrated by cartoon and short humour. For the purposes of clarity and space, we hold the right to edit articles. Please include your full name (avoid initials), address and telephone number.

Tips: Get in touch with our target audience and write about what is important to them.

Submitting Photos: All photos turned in for publication MUST include a caption stating names of people, objects etc., in photo (from left to right or clockwise), a short sentence or two explaining the photo, and the photographer’s name. Photos may be e-mailed or sent by post to The African Bulletin. Failure to submit information regarding the photograph may result in photo not running. Photos submitted and used in our publication become the property of The African Bulletin and will not be returned.

Covering Stories: Writers are free to write on ALL sections of the paper.

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