Subsidised aid to appeal visa rejection

Dear Readers,

In my article of May 2018, I wrote about visa applications for those who need visa to visit Europe. In that article, I wrote about the process of the visa application and the manner it will be judged. For those who want to apply for a visa, it is advisable to read that article.

This month’s article has a different subject.

For whom is this article relevant? It is relevant for everyone who applied for a visa to visit a European country and the application was rejected. What to do next? Should one re-apply or make an appeal? What does that cost?

What should be done?

First thing to do is to look at your application from the point of view of the country that rejected the visa. Maybe you must conclude that the application was not clear, not properly substantiated with information and documents. Maybe you did not make your intentions clear enough or there were other good reasons to refuse the visa. If you come to this conclusion, yourself, it often does not make sense to file an appeal against the decision. Sometimes one should re-apply and sometimes one must accept that one is not entitled to a visa.

What should be done if you disagree with the decision?

In that case, if one comes to the conclusion that the rejection was not based on realistic and reasonable arguments, then one should consider filing an appeal against the decision. In that appeal one must give arguments and submit evidence that point out that the contested decision was wrong. Normally one asks a lawyer for support in such a procedure because it is difficult enough.

The problem is usually that the lawyer must be paid for the procedure. Since April of this year, there was no subsidised legal aid available so that became a problem, but in my article of May 2018, I already predicted that the problem was going to be solved. I am happy to say that I was right.

Subsidised legal aid?

Again there is subsidised legal aid available for serious cases; for instance in cases where family life was the reason for the visit. Think of all kind of family visits or other valid reasons that made the visit important. So it is possible to make use of the option of subsidised legal aid if the reason of your visit is serious enough.

There is no subsidised legal aid available for those who want to visit The Netherlands only for tourism or for business purposes.

The purpose of visiting family of course must be substantiated by providing information that the visa is needed for visiting family members or other important reasons.

So if you have a serious case and the request for a visa for yourself or a family member has been rejected, it is possible to appeal on the basis of subsedised legal aid.

In those cases, do not hesitate to send us a copy of the decision by e-mail and to ask for support in making an appeal. It is the mission of my law firm to provide access to the legal system of The Netherlands to all who have a valid reason to seek this access. Because of this we will do our best for you even if you do not have substantial financial means. Just let us make contact by e-mail and see what we can do.

What to do when you want to visit our office?

Readers who are in need of legal support are welcome to visit our office for free consultation. This of course, only after you made an appointment. For an appointment call 070 427 3215 and explain to our Secretary what your question is.

Do not hold information back because our Secretary will decide if and when an appointment is possible and which of our lawyers is best qualified for the specific problem.

When you come to the appointment, bring all information that is available. Only then can we judge the case and do make good use of the time.

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