For seemingly eternity, at life’s junction stood I,
Eye caught meandering trails vanish into the thicket,
Thinner they grew before I could see them anymore,
I then chose the less tramped.

Every tramp tough, I trod on,
Knowing how trail leads to trail,
Every fall a lesson
Every tramp lessening
the distance to my destination.

My starting point, history
My genes, gender – no issue
How I started matters not.
Dreaming day and night,
And destiny smelling ability – the answer.

Now I am here ages after my trail trip,
Ages after my meandering journey,
Still saying ages ago two trails meandered into the thicket,
And, I tramped the less tramped,
Chose the less trod,
Chose the thorny,
The less worn,
The scary one,
And that has made the great I am.

*Matthew Wedzerai is a versatile writer and poet. He is also a Copywriter and Editor of the editing company, Spotless Copy – Email: or