Togo’s ruling party denounces nationwide demonstrations

Togo’s ruling Union for the Republic (Union pour la République or UNIR) party has denounced the unsociable acts committed by opposition militants in various towns of the country and the capital, Lomé.

According to a statement the union, the violence that accompanied the demonstrations resulted in “loss of human life and the number of and some people were injured in clashes with the security personnel,” who had been detailed to maintain peace and order.

In addition, the party has criticised “vandalism and deliberate destruction of public and private property”, saying they were “acts unrelated to peaceful demonstrations.”

UNIR called on Togolese political parties and people to “promote the spirit of brotherhood and tolerance and avoid any behaviour detrimental to peace and security which could unity.”

The National Pan-African Party (PNP), which initiated the demonstrations, called for the return to the 1992 Constitution, the right to vote for the diaspora in the next elections and genuine political reforms in Togo.